Hylife Developments organized a design contest under the concept of Building Design Innovation for Sustainable Air Pollution Solving at HYFIVE DESIGN AWARD 2022


Recently, Hylife Developments organized “HYFIVE DESIGN AWARD 2022” held during 8-14 December 2022 at Kodang Rachawong, Chiang Mai which is the first CSR event of our company. We hope to be a part of the community to improve the quality of life of Chiang Mai people away from air pollution (PM2.5). At the event, there is an award ceremony for the design contest winner under the topic “ Building Design Innovation for Sustainable Air Pollution Solving in Chiang Mai” which includes a total of 6 prizes valued at more than 70,000 Baht.


Ms. Pheeraya Wongsaranuchit, Group CMO of Hylife Developments revealed the purpose of this event that as a real estate developer in Chiang Mai who strives to build houses with good quality for the happiness of the residents, we are aware of the air pollution problem (PM2.5) which is the big issue in Chiang Mai. Additionally, the company provided the opportunity to students and other people who are interested in the event and have architectural design skills to attend the design contest. This event gained lots of interest by receiving 37 projects from competitors nationally.


The winner: Ozone Square project


Through this event, we hope for the participation of people in society to create building design innovations to solve air pollution. For example, the Ozone Square project added a façade and column around the center of the building to prevent dust. Also, trees placed in the middle of the building will be another filtration. Another project, Biosphere, took inspiration from biodiversity. They applied the idea of air filtration which is the process of photosynthesis by sunlight surrounding the building as a buffer to purify the air before entering the building. Undoubtedly, these concepts bring nature to have a role with people who try to rehabilitate both the building and surrounding areas in dealing with pollution problems in Chiang Mai sustainably.


Moreover, this event also supported students and new-generation designers to contribute their creativity and pride in which they were able to apply their own idea to a community mall design that is able to solve environmental problems. It is a good extension for innovative design as well.


At the opening ceremony of HYFIVE DESIGN AWARD 2022, there is a special talk show on the topic “Chiang Mai with PM2.5” by Dr. Hygiene Medical Products, the sponsor of this event. Plus, the event was honored by a special guest who specializes in architecture and design to talk about “Architecture through Air Pollution Issue”. More than that, the award ceremony was held on this day, awarding the winner, the first runner-up, and the second runner-up who are groups of students from Thammasat University, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, and Chulalongkorn University, besides, 6 works from the winners were shown during this event. Furthermore, Other interesting activities were provided at the event such as a medical mask booth providing a special sale promotion from Dr.Hygine Medical products and a career booth from the Human Resources Department of Hylife Developments.


Visitors: 66,952