Hylife Developments organised a decorative sculpture exhibition 'FULFILL' by the artist and owner of White Wall at HyLuxe Maerim.


Hylife Developments, a real estate developer in Chiang Mai, invites you to visit our event 'FULFILL' in the form of Installation Art, showcasing the works of White Wall, which are internationally renowned crafted-decorative sculptures made from brass/bronze, glittering in gold, by sculptor Pan-Chanin.
With its unique designs, this collection comes with the concept 'Fulfill your passion for living with nature and art' to enrich the aesthetic in your life.
Visit the exhibition at HyLuxe Maerim, a luxury pool villa project in the heart of Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, offering free admission until October 15th, 2023.



Ms. Pheeraya Woungsaranuchit, Group CMO of Hylife Developments, stated,
“We have transformed the sales gallery of Hyluxe Maerim, a pool villa project surrounded by the greenery of the mountains into an art space, arranging an art exhibition of interior decorative art installations. The art decorations emphasise shapes and colors in golden bronze, harmonising with nature, and offering a unique experience that goes 'Beyond living in an extravaganza' for our valued customers.

We are delighted to introduce the works of Mr. Pan Chanin, sculptor, and the owner of White Wall, Mr Chanin is renowned worldwide for his iconic works. He has created a collection under the concept of 'FULFILL'. This event presents a great opportunity for us to share these precious artworks with decor lovers and contribute Chiang Mai to be a city of art tourism. The event is free admission and open to all art lovers from the 15th of July 2023, onwards; ensure you do not to miss it.”


Mr. Chanin Pan Lertphoompanya, has been an expert in brass sculptures for more than 10 years and is the founder of the brand White Wall, which has a gallery at River City Bangkok and is highly regarded among high-end collectors. Talking about the FULFILL series, he stated, “The decorative sculptures displayed here, comprising of 41 pieces in total, are part of the collection 'Fulfill Your Passion of Living with Nature and Art,' which has never been shown in Chiang Mai before. This special collection is infused with details and refinement that are involved with my identity.
The works gain uniqueness by using brass/bronze with shining colors derived from minerals such as gold, silver, brass, or copper, assembled into various shapes. Our artworks flawlessly reflect the natural appearance and convey the beauty of natural surroundings, creating a new dimension and perspective for the works that transcend mere home decoration.”


All art appreciators are invited to enjoy the craftsmanship at the art exhibition held at HyLuxe Maerim, offering free admission until October 15th, 2023, between 09:00 AM and 06:00 PM. To make an appointment, please call 065-915-3462 or contact us via Line Official: @hylifedev.


Visitors: 66,952