Hylife Developments Sponsors the Trail Running Event “Chiang Mai Beat the Haze Charity Run”


On the 19th of June, 2023, Ms. Pheeraya Wongsaranuchit, Chief Marketing Officer of Hylife Developments, a real estate developer in Chiang Mai, led a philanthropic effort by providing 1,500 bottles of drinking water to support the "Chiang Mai Beat the Haze Charity Run" event.

This charity run, is scheduled to take place on June 25th, and aims to raise awareness about the issues of pollution in the region.

The support was received by Mrs. Plai-auw Thongsawat, Vice President of the Chiang Mai Breath Foundation, and Mr. Thanapong Wangthong, representing the council.

The donated water will be distributed to the 800-1,000 trail runners participating in the event, furthering Hylife Developments' commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement.


(Mrs. Plai-auw Thongsawat, on the left, and Ms. Pheeraya Wongsaranuchit, on the right)


Ms. Pheeraya stated, "As a company, we are deeply concerned about the issue of forest fires and pollution. We have always supported initiatives and organisations that are dedicated to addressing these challenges.

Last year, we organised the HYFIVE DESIGN AWARD 2022, an environmentally friendly building design contest, to raise awareness among youth and the public about PM2.5.

Earlier this year, during the serious pollution period in Chiang Mai and the northern region, we provided drinking water and KN95 masks to the Chiang Mai Breath Foundation to assist with their fire prevention efforts in communities around Doi Suthep.

However, this trail running event represents a creative and collaborative approach, bringing together runners, communities, and various agencies to address environmental and health-related issues."



The Chiang Mai Breath Foundation, in collaboration with government agencies, private businesses, and network partners, organised this event to promote awareness, foster community engagement, and encourage collaboration across sectors. 

The event welcomes individuals interested in trail running to participate, with the proceeds from the activity being utilised to address the pollution problem in Chiang Mai and the surrounding region.

The running route is set along a natural trail in the Ban Pong Sub-district of Hang Dong, an area located on the boundary of Mueang Chiang Mai District and Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, which is prone to annual forest fires.

Visitors: 63,590